puntos leal wins colombia startup and investor summit

Leal takes home first prize at Colombia Startup & Investor Summit 2017

Startup, Leal, a loyalty program that allows businesses to identify, retain and reward their best customers, was crowned champion at the fifth Colombia Startup & Investor Summit last week.

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facebook launches first innovation center in Brazil

Facebook’s first innovation center opens in Brazil

On October 2, Facebook launched its first-ever global innovation center — and chose the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil as its home.

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Young entrepreneurs are taking over the world!

Young entrepreneurship prodigy shares wins and fails

To become a booming tech hub, a city needs figures that inspire and shape their surrounding entrepreneurial ecosystem, growing along with it. Medellin, one of the top-growing epicenters of business…

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Agrotech startups in Brazil

Agrotech startup seeds are being planted in Brazil

As the world’s second largest food exporter following the US, Brazil has begun relying on agrotech startups and innovation to create smarter and efficient farming to keep up with the rising…

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Paraguayan Keapo turns online shopping into a social activity

Established in 2012, Keapo is a Paraguayan app that seeks to revolutionize online buying and selling over the internet by integrating the powers of social media platforms –  like Facebook…

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resources helping boost Peru startup scene -LatamTech

5 resources boosting the Peruvian startup ecosystem

Peru has been on a bit of an innovation kick as of late. Although the country remains traditionally focused on mining, the Peruvian government is now on a mission to…

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5 resources boosting the Argentinian startup ecosystem

Argentina has faced numerous challenges that hindered its economic progress, from political disputes to corruption incidents. However, the South American nation has managed to stay in the top 3 Latin…

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Espacio, 150sec, acquisition, tech, startups, Central and Eastern Europe’s parent company acquires European counterpart 150sec

The Central and Eastern European tech startup scene is drawing attention from all over the world. 150sec, one of the most important tech startup publications in Central and Eastern Europe…

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Brazilian startups challenge Silicon Valley

3 Brazilian startups challenging Silicon Valley on the AI field

Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and all other technological advancements that can be abbreviated into two to three letters have historically been exclusive only to Silicon Valley…

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venezuela crisis

3 thriving startups helping users get through Venezuela’s economic crisis

Venezuela continues to face socio-economic challenges with a lack of basic goods in stores and high increases in food prices, however, that has not stopped its tech startups from emerging.

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