Cuban entrepreneurship not only exists, it is incredibly resourceful

Tech entrepreneurship, innovation, apps in Cuba thrive in difficult ecosystem

In Cuba it is not easy being an entrepreneur, or a capitalist threat to a Marxist–Leninist regime, working mostly offline, moving information secretly in thumb drives, and surviving in an…

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puntos leal wins colombia startup and investor summit

Leal takes home first prize at Colombia Startup & Investor Summit 2017

Startup, Leal, a loyalty program that allows businesses to identify, retain and reward their best customers, was crowned champion at the fifth Colombia Startup & Investor Summit last week.

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Young entrepreneurs are taking over the world!

Young entrepreneurship prodigy shares wins and fails

To become a booming tech hub, a city needs figures that inspire and shape their surrounding entrepreneurial ecosystem, growing along with it. Medellin, one of the top-growing epicenters of business…

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5 resources boosting the Colombian startup ecosystem

Colombia has risen from its troubled past as a vibrant country that is attracting both travelers and businesses. A healthy recovery means opportunities for startups, a trend that has been…

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