Duety: the new Colombian way to show your love

By March 21, 2018

It is no mystery that the foundations of a solid relationship require an equal balance of “give and take”. There are some things your partner will do that drive you crazy, and there are other aspects you probably adore immensely. As the popular AskReddit thread demonstrates below, there are many wonderful things partners do for each other to make their day a little bit brighter.

What is something your S.O. does that you absolutely love?
byu/Botastic404 inAskReddit

“She warms my clothes every day before I put them on in the dryer.”

“She hates coffee, really can’t stand the stuff. Alternatively, I am completely addicted and can’t function without it. If she wakes up before I do, she’ll always make some for me. I’ve told her countless times she DOES NOT have to make it, because I know the smell alone can make her feel nauseous, yet she persists. It’s just a loving, heartwarming expression of her love and I can’t help but adore her for it.”

“No matter what he’s doing, what mood he’s in, the kind of day he had, or how much he’s carrying, if I’m home when he gets home at night he immediately comes over to cover my face in kisses and tell me he loves me. Every single time. It’s my favorite thing in the world.”

It’s these small things that make the biggest difference. And now, thanks to Duety, there is a new way to make these small gestures really count, either as an enjoyable game or as a way to encourage more love into a relationship. The Colombian app helps couples managing their “brownie points,” or “Matripuntos” as they are known in Spanish. The app has been successfully running for a number of years but has been re-released with better functionality than ever before having been tested for two years with more than 1,500 couples. By simplifying the usability, the product has become more modern and intuitive than ever before.

“We believe that it is possible to have a modern relationship with all the advantages of the old days without being nostalgic. We are very aware that a successful relationship is made up of two different individuals who want to understand each other, love each other and be happy together, even during these turbulent time of the Tinder age ” said Oriana Castro , Founder and CEO of Duety.


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