Peru’s Leading Digital Design Agency Launches LIQUID Venture Studio, The Country’s First Accelerator For Digital Startups

By February 13, 2018

LIQUID, one of Peru’s leading digital design agencies, announced yesterday the launch of LIQUID Venture Studio (LVS), the first accelerator program for startups with a digital offering in Peru. The accelerator aims to share LIQUID’s accumulated knowledge and design expertise with young startups throughout the country.

LIQUID has become a pioneer within Peru, exhibiting a vast amount of digital knowledge and innovation, with many reputable clients such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and Unilever to name a few. In light of this, its new accelerator, LVS, comes as a natural next step forward, expanding its reach beyond global corporations to the country’s blossoming startup ecosystem. With LVS, LIQUID hopes to extend its expertise into a wider pool of talent, creating a launching pad for the region’s innovative startups to enter the larger world of entrepreneurship.

The program begins with 12 startup finalists, selected by an internal team, which engage in a week of business and technical diagnostics. Of these 12 startups, six winning startups then proceed to the accelerator program. Over the following six months, the startups will receive crucial guidance regarding strategy, product design, technology, marketing and communications and support services. These subjects are taught using a mixture of workshops, masterclasses, work/align meetings and benchmarking.

Over the past decade, Peru’s economy has experienced incredible growth, with an average rate of 5.9% — one of the fastest in Latin America. Additionally, the country has witnessed immense growth within its startup ecosystem. However, despite this rise in activity, many digital startups lack the essential resources and guidance which are so readily available in other countries such as the US. LVS hopes to build a brighter future for Peru using its expertise in digital design, to help startups hit the ground running during their early stages of development, and increase their chances of success.

“We believe that extraordinary design can be a huge driving force in emerging markets for young startups. Thus, LIQUID Venture Studio seeks to improve the offering of these businesses using methods that enhance their digital products, services and platforms. In doing so, we hope to encourage the local startup ecosystem, while furthering our corporate vision,” said Mauricio Andújar, the founder of LIQUID.

LVS intends to initiate its accelerator program by giving startups access to the necessary resources and guides, while at the same time establishing LIQUID as a leader in the entrepreneurship scene in Latin America.


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